P.RE.ST S.r.l.

In 1989, Alessandro Podini and Stefano Tomasi fouded Podini Real Estate, a business unit of the Podini Group plc. 
The Podini Group brings over thirty years of experience and id active in the province of Bolzano, but also througtout Italy and interbatuibakky. In 2022, the two founders decided to convert Podini Real Estate into P.RE.ST. living & work spaces. 
PREST is a real estate company founded by Alessandro Podini and Stefano Tomasi. It is the two entrepreneurs who give the company its name: 

P.RE.ST or Podini  Real Estate Stefano Tomasi

PREST's business philosophy is based on commitment and customer orientation. 
PREST Real Estate stands out for its attention to quality in every stage of the project and for the flawless services offered to its clients. 

Our Values

PREST was fouded with the aim of providing a high quality service to customers wishing to acquire residential and commercial real estate.

Thanks to a highly qualified team and reliable partners who support and advise the client at every stage of the project, a lasting relationship of trust is established. The realtionship of trust and mutual respect, moreover, continues after the project is completed. 

We professionally supervise construction in its various stages, starting with the choice of the strategic location, as well as the drafting and inventive design and supervision of site activities.

Our qualified staff follows and takes care of the work in detail from the choice of materials to the accuracy of the finishing touches with seriousness and respect for deadlines.
We follow the management of the various banking and notary operations, thus accompanying and helping the buyer in all purchase transactions.


Our passion and commitment for what we do set us apart.


We keep our promises


Respect is one of the most important values of PREST and the key to our relationships.


PREST is characterised by its transparent approach.


Our communication style is open, polite and transparent. At every stage of the project, we ensure constructive basis for discussion, which leads to satisfaction.

Innovation & Sustainability

We plan, develop and implement real estate projects using state-of-the-art construction techniques.

The Podini Group

PREST stands for Podini Real Estate Stefano Tomasi. The real estate company is an integral part of the Podini Group plc.
The Podini Group includes, develops and manages diversified assets that stand our for their leading position in their respective market segments. 
The Podini Group's business activities are focused on various business areas such ad food trading, the energy industry, hospitality, management consulting and, as mentioned, the real estere sector. 
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